Well, everything just kind of sucks right now. But I’ll try to think of the little happy things in each day. I think I will have to start living off of those. Everything is so bland and routine right now, it’s kind of pissing me off. I really want to do something outrageous or something. Or sometimes, I just want to hole up in my room and sleep and read in there forever. I feel so exhausted, and I honestly don’t know from what. I’ve been feeling rather gloomy lately..


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december. start!

Just the fact that it’s December 1st, makes me want to get up and dance and sing and shout for joy. I guess I’m a little on the odd side lately. It is freezing like crazy outside right now. And I just got back from a school play, ‘Our Town’. I think it would have been a pretty good play if the actors were more..erm. you know. haha. But I went for extra credit, so..

I seriously love this time of the year. I love the freezing cold weather, the feeling of..I don’t know. it’s just that cozy holiday feeling. They should make up a word for it.

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hi kids

shiny shiny 4.0 gpa. straight As. they are so adorable. hahahahaha. I’m a little insane. I think. I was trying to finish chem, but I can tell that it’s really long o I don’t want to finish. no motivation. I could’ve been sleeping by now. musical auditions next week. I think I should just go for dance. not really into the theme and the songs aren’t great so I’m not appealed to it.

I went to Knott’s scary farm two weeks ago. and it wasn’t scary. man, I suck. it was scary the last two times I went, I guess I won’t be scared anymore. I’ll try next year, maybe I’ll be scared then. haha.tchuss

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six weeks already :O

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I’m getting used to the routine and flow of school. It’s alright, actually. I can handle it. Sometimes I want to burst into song and dance. But I must keep my composure and dignity. It is a sad thing in this world when you cannot truly freely express how you feel. Am I not right? Of course I am. I wish I weren’t so lazy and I wish I would stop going to sleep so late. Bad habits bad habits, must get rid of them.

Me: omg, I have to go to sleep early! I don’t want to look ugly and old.

Connie: …I went to sleep at six this morning.

Me: o___o!!! omg!

You see? That is pretty much a daily conversation. I will never get rid of this terrible habit, and neither will Connie. It is a drug. Oh deary me. Today in chem,

Me: Emily, we should like go out and do tuff.

Emily: huh? do what?

Me: you know, stuff that friends do. I mean, ever since I got to Temple City I never went out with you guys and stuff.

Emily: that’s true..I go out every saturday.

Me: O___O >O<;; *FEELS LIKE A MAJOR LOSER* [trying to recover, racks her brain for something to say to save herself] wellwell, I go out with my cousins ..and stuff. [nice going tinny]

Emily: hahahaha. woww. Like, we go out to the mall, bowling, play. and stuff. yeah.

Me: oh.. well. I remember in middle school I went out a lot! [sort of]

see, this is what I’ve been reduced to. a loser. through and through. It is so sad. We wander aimlessly in the hallways during lunch because we don’t have a designated spot, stalk Danny, and moan about how loser-ish we are. I am a sad, sad creature. In class, I get hit on by creepy guys, pay attention, and desperately keep on making sure my crack and undies are not visible. I need some comfy pants, but I need sweaters even more. auf wiedersehen.

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I must say, I feel pretty infinite right now. It’s raining a lot right now and I’m listening to Eru’s Because It’s the Two of Us, from his new album. It’s so great, I get goosebumps listening to it. I don’t know why, I feel so happy, so complete. It’s beautiful. Rainy weekends are the best.

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it’s kind of disappointing.

It has almost been a week since school has started. It’s kind of disappointing. I’m already bogged down with this incredible amount of homework. Pressure day in and day out to do well, no, perfect in all of my assignments. I’m constantly worried now. As soon as Friday arrives, I will be a free person! I will not be chained by the biography, unless a teacher decides to assign something =__= DARN HIM/HER! D< I just can’t wait for this week to be over already.

Lately, I’ve been feeling extremely tired, like fatigued. I often feel like if I take another step, I will faint. And like, my heart keeps beating really fast o__o and I feel REALLY short of breath. ah. I guess the anemia is kicking in again -__-

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