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I’m getting used to the routine and flow of school. It’s alright, actually. I can handle it. Sometimes I want to burst into song and dance. But I must keep my composure and dignity. It is a sad thing in this world when you cannot truly freely express how you feel. Am I not right? Of course I am. I wish I weren’t so lazy and I wish I would stop going to sleep so late. Bad habits bad habits, must get rid of them.

Me: omg, I have to go to sleep early! I don’t want to look ugly and old.

Connie: …I went to sleep at six this morning.

Me: o___o!!! omg!

You see? That is pretty much a daily conversation. I will never get rid of this terrible habit, and neither will Connie. It is a drug. Oh deary me. Today in chem,

Me: Emily, we should like go out and do tuff.

Emily: huh? do what?

Me: you know, stuff that friends do. I mean, ever since I got to Temple City I never went out with you guys and stuff.

Emily: that’s true..I go out every saturday.

Me: O___O >O<;; *FEELS LIKE A MAJOR LOSER* [trying to recover, racks her brain for something to say to save herself] wellwell, I go out with my cousins ..and stuff. [nice going tinny]

Emily: hahahaha. woww. Like, we go out to the mall, bowling, play. and stuff. yeah.

Me: oh.. well. I remember in middle school I went out a lot! [sort of]

see, this is what I’ve been reduced to. a loser. through and through. It is so sad. We wander aimlessly in the hallways during lunch because we don’t have a designated spot, stalk Danny, and moan about how loser-ish we are. I am a sad, sad creature. In class, I get hit on by creepy guys, pay attention, and desperately keep on making sure my crack and undies are not visible. I need some comfy pants, but I need sweaters even more. auf wiedersehen.


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infinite six weeks already :O

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