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I’m getting used to the routine and flow of school. It’s alright, actually. I can handle it. Sometimes I want to burst into song and dance. But I must keep my composure and dignity. It is a sad thing in this world when you cannot truly freely express how you feel. Am I not right? Of course I am. I wish I weren’t so lazy and I wish I would stop going to sleep so late. Bad habits bad habits, must get rid of them.

Me: omg, I have to go to sleep early! I don’t want to look ugly and old.

Connie: …I went to sleep at six this morning.

Me: o___o!!! omg!

You see? That is pretty much a daily conversation. I will never get rid of this terrible habit, and neither will Connie. It is a drug. Oh deary me. Today in chem,

Me: Emily, we should like go out and do tuff.

Emily: huh? do what?

Me: you know, stuff that friends do. I mean, ever since I got to Temple City I never went out with you guys and stuff.

Emily: that’s true..I go out every saturday.

Me: O___O >O<;; *FEELS LIKE A MAJOR LOSER* [trying to recover, racks her brain for something to say to save herself] wellwell, I go out with my cousins ..and stuff. [nice going tinny]

Emily: hahahaha. woww. Like, we go out to the mall, bowling, play. and stuff. yeah.

Me: oh.. well. I remember in middle school I went out a lot! [sort of]

see, this is what I’ve been reduced to. a loser. through and through. It is so sad. We wander aimlessly in the hallways during lunch because we don’t have a designated spot, stalk Danny, and moan about how loser-ish we are. I am a sad, sad creature. In class, I get hit on by creepy guys, pay attention, and desperately keep on making sure my crack and undies are not visible. I need some comfy pants, but I need sweaters even more. auf wiedersehen.


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three days

Three more days, before the bliss we call summer vacation ends. This bliss only comes once a year, it guarantees no academic pressure, boredom, and eye bags. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dread school that much, it’s just that I’ll just have to adjust to a steady rhythm, a routine, a pattern to follow. I guess I’m kind of looking forward to that, plus, I need to see my friends!

On another more depressing note, my grandmother is still in the hospital. It’s been two weeks I think, or maybe a little less. I’m kind of worried, but she’ll come home.

Well, I just watched a 1 Litre of Tears mv and it made me cry >< so my eyes are puffy, baggy, and disgusting. eurgh.

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summer is almost over >.<

I’m listening to Fly to the Sky+J’s special stage performance. It’s so awesome~ Seriously, it makes me so happy listening to them. haha. I guess music has this kind of effect on people. It makes me laugh watching FTTS sing though, haha, their facial expressions crack me up. Although, they are fantastic singers, so really, who cares! J’s voice is so sad, pretty, and has this airy feel to it.

So school is starting soon, depressing –;; hmph. I don’t know, I’m neither excited nor depressed about it. I guess it hasn’t set in yet..? This summer vacation feels so incredibly short too. argh. Time seriously flies.

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summer homework #2

Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. At least it was in the same month! ^^ I’m lame.  so I’ll shut up now. I have so much hw to do and I’m spending my precious time here blogging -______-. My couisns have come and left and it has been pretty fun, I guess. Some of them annoyed the hell out of me, some of them enjoyed my company. I’ve read the last Harry Potter book, and it was pretty great. All I have to say i that it has a happy ending 😀

Recent pictures of me!

I look worse now. This was when I wasn’t under the stress of hw ><

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study break >

Well, I seriously should not be blogging right now! I should be writing my geometry final notes and studying biology like there’s no tomorrow! Gahhh..But I get dizzy just looking at the stupid thing. It sucks hard. I can hardly wait for school to end.

My cousin and I will go shopping like there’s no tomorrow the day school let’s out. And then on Friday I will go to Border’s and load up on summer reading 😀 Then on Saturday I am off to Alaska for a cruise to Vancouver with my mommy<3 So I am uberly excited. OMG I can’t believe I just insulted the German language ;________;

For my summer, I will wake up at 9 o’ clock everyday, do yoga everyday, water polo practices 4-5 days a week, read a bunch, and soompi a lot. OH! And I must not forget the best: bonding with the cousins ^_________^ I love how we love each other so much [that could be meant sarcastically and non-sarcastically, depending on the cousin] Let’s hope I can go through with all of this.

Um..yeah better go back to studying >.<;;

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long time? sort of. a long update? maybe.

The header ❤ absolutely adorable. Well, the school year is slowly winding down to a halt. Scratch that, not slowly..the weeks seem to be passing by so quickly I can hardly catch my breath. We have around 20-23 school days left (: Ninth grade was so uneventful but very interesting as I have never met this many new people in my life. I’m pretty content..all I ever did worry about this year was grades drama at all. I guess that’s good? But the lack of drama is what makes it uneventful. I’m looking forward to summer which means…

1]no homework

2]staying up to 4 a.m. watching dramas

3]then sleeping in to 10.
4]a ton of family bonding time. especially with the cousins.

5]last but definitely not the least..HARRY POTTER’S LAST INSTALLMENT IN THE SERIES and THE FIFTH HARRY POTTER MOVIE. yesssssss

Youn can probably tell how excited I am. However the euphoria of summer will not exist because of the ever hateful and gnawing feeling at the back of your brain because of..HONORS ENGLISH HW. Not to mention the weather’s going to be like hell..literally -____- sigh.

but summer hasn’t exactly come yet. there’s still finals..the dreaded finals. -drops onto her bed- noooooo I don’t want finals to come.asdfghjkl; hmph.

til next time,kiddos. or invisible person.

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so yeah. they told me

So it is Edmond :0 wow. he’s nice and smart I don’t really like him that way I guess? He taught me how to spin pens yesterday and he let me take his pen home to practice. >.>

Hank is being such a JERKFACE. He made Debra and Jessilyn cry yesterday and Thursday. I mean, we know he’s joking most of the time but he goes wayyy too overboard. He crosses the line. And he hits me too. Like everyday! It’s pissing us all off. If he doesn’t clean up his act, I’m going to stop talking to him D<

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