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three days

Three more days, before the bliss we call summer vacation ends. This bliss only comes once a year, it guarantees no academic pressure, boredom, and eye bags. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dread school that much, it’s just that I’ll just have to adjust to a steady rhythm, a routine, a pattern to follow. I guess I’m kind of looking forward to that, plus, I need to see my friends!

On another more depressing note, my grandmother is still in the hospital. It’s been two weeks I think, or maybe a little less. I’m kind of worried, but she’ll come home.

Well, I just watched a 1 Litre of Tears mv and it made me cry >< so my eyes are puffy, baggy, and disgusting. eurgh.


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so yeah. they told me

So it is Edmond :0 wow. he’s nice and smart I don’t really like him that way I guess? He taught me how to spin pens yesterday and he let me take his pen home to practice. >.>

Hank is being such a JERKFACE. He made Debra and Jessilyn cry yesterday and Thursday. I mean, we know he’s joking most of the time but he goes wayyy too overboard. He crosses the line. And he hits me too. Like everyday! It’s pissing us all off. If he doesn’t clean up his act, I’m going to stop talking to him D<

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Oh jeez, the wind is so loud outside. And it sounds kind of scary. And kind of cool. I kind of like it! Hahaha, it’s Saturday and there is seriously nothing to do >__< I want to go shopping. I have such a great idea.

What are the best feelings in the world?
+hanging out with friends
+taking a walk
+laying on the grass and looking at the clouds
+looking up at the stars
+feeling peaceful
+wearing a great outfit.

but that is just me 😀

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ever after.

I’m posting this beautiful fanfic for anyone to enjoy. (more…)

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