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three days

Three more days, before the bliss we call summer vacation ends. This bliss only comes once a year, it guarantees no academic pressure, boredom, and eye bags. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dread school that much, it’s just that I’ll just have to adjust to a steady rhythm, a routine, a pattern to follow. I guess I’m kind of looking forward to that, plus, I need to see my friends!

On another more depressing note, my grandmother is still in the hospital. It’s been two weeks I think, or maybe a little less. I’m kind of worried, but she’ll come home.

Well, I just watched a 1 Litre of Tears mv and it made me cry >< so my eyes are puffy, baggy, and disgusting. eurgh.


September 3, 2007 at 9:33 am 1 comment

summer is almost over >.<

I’m listening to Fly to the Sky+J’s special stage performance. It’s so awesome~ Seriously, it makes me so happy listening to them. haha. I guess music has this kind of effect on people. It makes me laugh watching FTTS sing though, haha, their facial expressions crack me up. Although, they are fantastic singers, so really, who cares! J’s voice is so sad, pretty, and has this airy feel to it.

So school is starting soon, depressing –;; hmph. I don’t know, I’m neither excited nor depressed about it. I guess it hasn’t set in yet..? This summer vacation feels so incredibly short too. argh. Time seriously flies.

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study break >

Well, I seriously should not be blogging right now! I should be writing my geometry final notes and studying biology like there’s no tomorrow! Gahhh..But I get dizzy just looking at the stupid thing. It sucks hard. I can hardly wait for school to end.

My cousin and I will go shopping like there’s no tomorrow the day school let’s out. And then on Friday I will go to Border’s and load up on summer reading 😀 Then on Saturday I am off to Alaska for a cruise to Vancouver with my mommy<3 So I am uberly excited. OMG I can’t believe I just insulted the German language ;________;

For my summer, I will wake up at 9 o’ clock everyday, do yoga everyday, water polo practices 4-5 days a week, read a bunch, and soompi a lot. OH! And I must not forget the best: bonding with the cousins ^_________^ I love how we love each other so much [that could be meant sarcastically and non-sarcastically, depending on the cousin] Let’s hope I can go through with all of this.

Um..yeah better go back to studying >.<;;

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