sad movie marathon

Okay, well it’s not exactly a marathon. I’ve watched A Moment to Remember and Sad Movie. I’m planning to watch Crying Out Love at the Center of the World, I think that’s what it’s called? I’m going to watch Windstruck too, and then to top it off, I’m going to rewatch The Classic (: Yayayay, school starts tomorrow :0 Hahaha, seriously, because today is already the fifth. I will blog again, and give my reviews and rate the sad movies after I’m done with my marathon, okay? niight! or should I say, MORNING!


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three days

Three more days, before the bliss we call summer vacation ends. This bliss only comes once a year, it guarantees no academic pressure, boredom, and eye bags. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dread school that much, it’s just that I’ll just have to adjust to a steady rhythm, a routine, a pattern to follow. I guess I’m kind of looking forward to that, plus, I need to see my friends!

On another more depressing note, my grandmother is still in the hospital. It’s been two weeks I think, or maybe a little less. I’m kind of worried, but she’ll come home.

Well, I just watched a 1 Litre of Tears mv and it made me cry >< so my eyes are puffy, baggy, and disgusting. eurgh.

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summer is almost over >.<

I’m listening to Fly to the Sky+J’s special stage performance. It’s so awesome~ Seriously, it makes me so happy listening to them. haha. I guess music has this kind of effect on people. It makes me laugh watching FTTS sing though, haha, their facial expressions crack me up. Although, they are fantastic singers, so really, who cares! J’s voice is so sad, pretty, and has this airy feel to it.

So school is starting soon, depressing –;; hmph. I don’t know, I’m neither excited nor depressed about it. I guess it hasn’t set in yet..? This summer vacation feels so incredibly short too. argh. Time seriously flies.

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meteor shower

tonigh, the Perseid one. I’ve come back from my visit to my old friends. It was..sufficiently awkward, slightly boring, and a bit of fun. Honestly, it was kind of disappointing, it wasn’t just them though, I’ve realized how much I’ve changed myself too. Sad to say, our visit to her grandparents house was the highlight for me, even though we did a lot of “fun” things. I thought the visit to her grandmother’s was the most comfortable.

The heat is really getting to me today, I really wish I could write a story, I know I’ve aid that before, but I really can’t think of anything. I also want to watch a good drama, a good movie, something satisfying and entertaining.

I’m so tired now, I don’t know why. I should stop going to sleep so late. It’s not very good for my health, makes my skin terrible, and makes me wake up late, which makes me feel gross. haha soo, I shall go to sleep earlier now. yay for me.

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No more homework. Now that is lovely. I’ve finally no more homework for the rest of the summer. Well sort of, I just have to pick out a biography to read. I got a new phone, it’s the LG mint chocolate. It’s lovely. LOVELYLOVELYLOVELY. Haven’t done much these past few days, been sitting in front of the computer 80% of my time, only leaving for pee and food breaks. This is what I call a summer vacation. I’ve also tarted a drama called Coffee Prince, it’s hilarious and finally! a drama that I won’t ditch~ I’m already starting on the eighth episode.

I’ve been thinking about writing a story, so I can practice my writing skills, I don’t want then to get rusty (;  Maybe..a love story? Haha, noo I don’t know. I’ll probably end up ditching it. I really admire authors for ticking it through with their stories,it’s so hard to commit.  But I seriously want to start a story, at least by this summer. Should it be sad? Or a good tory with a happy ending? Hm, I’ll have to brainstorm it out. I shall post it here, well maybe. haha.


August 7, 2007 at 6:52 am

summer homework #2

Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. At least it was in the same month! ^^ I’m lame.  so I’ll shut up now. I have so much hw to do and I’m spending my precious time here blogging -______-. My couisns have come and left and it has been pretty fun, I guess. Some of them annoyed the hell out of me, some of them enjoyed my company. I’ve read the last Harry Potter book, and it was pretty great. All I have to say i that it has a happy ending 😀

Recent pictures of me!

I look worse now. This was when I wasn’t under the stress of hw ><

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stupid hw—-in the summer! D

what is this? eh? homework in the flipping summer is kicking my ass everyday. hateit. I want to shoot it sooo badly. alaska was cool. gaining some tummy ._. update later?yeah whatever~

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